Superior Design
-Qualified and experienced Engineers.
-Engineering standards like IS and IEC followed.
-Technical evaluation of each component and switchgear done.
-Designed for ease of operation, inspection and maintenance.
-Construction design meets IP-51 to IP55 class of protection as per IS 2147, 1978.
-Designed to withstand tremendous thermal and dynamic stresses arising due to faults.

Rigid Quality Control
-Incoming raw materials/components checked.
-Stringent Q.C. during the process of fabrication and painting.
-Appropriate gauges, instruments and test kits used.
-Busbars are subjected to chemical batch test to check the grade.
-Vendor enlistment is done to ensure each component is genuine.

Perfect Construction
-Only prime quality and tested CRCA sheets used.
-Appropriate arc welding/spot welding done wherever applicable.
-Pre-tested electrolytic grade aluminium and tinned copper busbars used.
-Busbars are insulated by sleeving them with colour coded heat shrunk PVC sleeves of reputed make.
-Seven tank pre-treatment method for cleaning followed.

-H V Test- To test high voltage withstand capacity of the current carrying parts.
-Megger test (100V DC)- To check the insulation resistance.
-BOM test- To check the specifications of installed materials as per drawings.

Quality is a journey in our everyday process. We pursue excellence in meeting our customer needs.
We demonstrate our commitment to quality with our registration to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 as First Quality Manufacturers.
Our Policy:
-Do it correct the first time
-Improve Continuously
-Consistently meeting customer's requirement and exceeding expectations.

Approved by CPRI Bhopal. Our Motor Control Centre is type tested for withstanding capacity of 65kA.

We are also certified as First Quality Manufacturers of Electrical Control Panels under the clauses mentioned by ISO 9001:2008 by DAKKS, Germany.

We have had the opportunity to work amongst the best of electrical consultants. We are approved with most of them for quality and service.

We manufacture Electrical Control Panel Boards as a standard quality practice with 14/16 SWG CRCA M.S. Sheet for Body and with rolled channels for base frame.

We do painting with 100% seven tank cleaning process with oven baked industrial powder coating as per your approved shade of IS-6005.

We use Electrical Switchgears of leading manufacturers like Siemens, L/T, Schneider, ABB, Legrand & GE, purchased only from authorized dealers to avoid any spurious products. Also we are using PVC insulated Copper flexible wires of 1.1 KV grade of ISI brands like Finolex, Polycab & Altocab. All hardwares are Golden Zinc passivated and Neoprene/Sponge Rubber Gasket is used on the doors as well as on the jointing surfaces to meet IP-52, 54, 55 protection as per IS-2147 Stage-wise Implementation Panels are manufactured as per Clients/Consultants Specification/Approved drawings like General Arrangement, Wiring diagrams and Bill of materials. Stage-wise inspection of Fabrication, Painting and Assembly is carried out and records are maintained.

All panels are routine tested as per IS-8623 (Part-I) for the followings.
1. Mechanical ON/OFF Operation.
2. Insulation resistance Test by Megger.
3. High Voltage test up to 2.5 KV for 1 minute.
4. Electrical circuit operation test as per approved drawings.

Panels are packed with strong wooden cases/crates with polythelene and Tar paper inside to avoid any damage during Transportation/Storage, after Inspection clearance from the clients or consultants.

During warranty our engineers remain in touch with customer to solve their problem if any. We also offer guidance for method of erection, commissioning and cable terminations. Guidelines for maintenance are offered. Service contracts are offered, if desired by the customer.

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